This blog has so far been spectacularly unsuccessful in attracting a following. I suspect it is because I am not using any of the right key words. I'm not pro-Trump or anti-Trump, I am not liberal or conservative, I am not using key words that would let people find in me someone to support or someone to rail at about their favorite "hot button" issues.

Instead I am talking about how to come together, how to stop pulling apart and start pulling together, how to stop unbalancing our country with positions and instead start sharing our considerations, concerns, and constraints so that we can bring opposing forces into balance. There are no lasting solutions, only a constant balancing act.

But people don't want to hear that. They want to continue to harangue for their side.

I am reminded of something that Joseph Campbell said about religion. Remember that Campbell defined religion as "Mythology misunderstood." And when you fail to understand that religion is a mythology, not a history, you are left with only two choices: to accept the patently untrue or to reject 20,000 years of wisdom of sages, mystics, shamans, and wisdom seekers.

When you fail to recognize the importance of process values, your only two choices are to stand in favor of one force or the other, and you lose the chance to work to bring them into balance.


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